| Author: Joshua Swan

6.Fifteen Central Park West

Up next as the 12th biggest house in the world is Fifteen Central Park West, one of the most widely talked about architectural development of the 20th Century in the City of New York. We did say big, so, here you go! This very enormous condominium apartment building is considered one of the most expensive real estates in all of Manhattan and is located at the corner of West 61st Street and Central Park West in New York City. The building which cost a total of $950 million took nearly 4-years to build as construction started in 2005 and was completed in 2008. It comprises of really wide luxury apartments and suits. The New Classical Style of the building was designed by Robert A.M. Stern Architects, and it ranks as the 12th biggest houses in the world.


7.Fleur de Lys Mansion; Los Angeles, California

Located in Holmby Hills, this mega residential home was built in 2002 by Texans David I. and Suzanne Saperstein. It’s the Fleur de Lys Mansion, a 45,000-square-foot (4,200 m2) property suited on five acres of land, and features “12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, two motor courts, a pool/spa complex, a tennis court, formal gardens, a ballroom for 500, a two-story library, a tennis court, a music room, a commercial kitchen, a cutlery room, a staff dining room, staff offices, security center, and a 3,000-square-foot wine cellar and tasting room.” However, this very luxurious palace was sold in 2014 for $102 million dollars. But, it’s sale wasn’t as easy as it was thought. The
Fleur de Lys Mansion; Los Angeles ranks as the 11th biggest houses in the world.


8.Beverly Hills Beverly House

This 100,000 square feet home in California is not just the 9th biggest house in the world, it is also dubbed the most expensive (2017). Costing a jaw-dropping $500 million-dollar when I was placed on sale. It was designed by David Gould and features an amazing four infinity pools, jellyfish rooms, nightclub, bowling alley, movie theatre, two-storey waterfall, and glass-encased library. The building, which is built as a private residence, is located at
924 Bel Air Road in the Bel Air neighbourhood of Los Angeles and is ranked as the 9th biggest houses in the world.


9.Versailles Florida

Currently set at auction with an asking price of $159 million, this 85,000 square-foot house located at 6121 Kirkstone Lane, Windermere, Florida, is our 7th biggest house in the world. The house, which is still under construction, is owned by David Siegel, the founder of Westgate Resorts, and his wife, Jackie Siegel. The ginormous ediphis is said to boasts of “11 kitchens, 14 bedrooms, 32 bathrooms, a 30-car garage, a bowling alley, an indoor roller rink, three indoor pools, two outdoor pools, a video arcade, a grand ballroom, a two-story movie theater, a fitness center with a 10,000 square-foot spa, yoga studios, a wine cellar, an exotic-fish aquarium, two tennis courts, a baseball diamond, a formal outdoor garden, and an elevator in the master bedroom closet. With all these astonishing features, the building is set to become the largest home for a single-family in the U.S.

10.Antilia, Mumbai

Talk of huge with class, Antilia is a private residential building owned by the richest person in India (2018) Mukesh Ambani. It’s a 27-story skyscraper located in downtown Mumbai, India, and is ranked as the 7th biggest house in the world. The building which is valued at $2 billion USD, is said to be the second most valuable private residence in the world, after the British crown property Buckingham Palace. This 550-feet high and 400,000 square feet skyscraper took over four years to build, from construction to complete.