| Author: Joshua Swan

 6. Denise Richards – $13,000

Popular for her appearances in shows like Married with Children or Saved by the Bell, Denise Richards is one of America’s television actresses with a successful career. She even has her own reality TV show. At age 19, Denise Richards decided to undergo plastic surgery, having breast augmentation in a bid to improve her looks for Hollywood and Television. Sadly, her first attempt went south as she was given implants way bigger for her frame. However, she had a corrective procedure, and this time, it was well fitted and she is now happy with the results.


7. Ashlee Simpson, Bill: $13,000

The younger sister of Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, is a famous singer and a reality TV star who had her own show on MTV. She has always felt like being in the shadow of her sister, seeing herself as the lesser attractive one. And you guess what’s about to happen? She decided to go under the knife.

Her cosmetic surgery includes rhinoplasty, plus some other work which she says she gave some serious thoughts about before going into. Now, she doesn’t have to worry about looking like the celebs she looks at in magazines.


8. Tori Spelling, Bill: $13,000

Spelling is a famous actress and star in television shows like Beverley Hills and blockbuster movie Scary Movie. She has admitted to having breast augmentation but regrets her decision afterwards. She is one among celebs with plastic surgery nightmares.

Her surgery left her with a deformed breast and severe chest depression. She spoke against breast augmentation and the problems associated with it, especially with breastfeeding your children. She admits that if she had known from the start, she wouldn’t have plunged into having the work done.

9. Nicole Richie, Bill: $13,000

While we continue to see celebs who deny going under the knife or confirm having any cosmetic adjustments done to their looks, there’s Nicole Richie. She openly admits being a fan of cosmetic surgery, adding that the experience is nothing far from makeup or fake tanning. Seems her view on using the means is to maintain her looks. According to her, “Why grow old gracefully when you have the technology to prevent it?”.

Nicole has had rhinoplasty and is popular for having what is mostly referred to as a mini boob job, where she gets breast implants, but goes for the natural look over a large amount of cleavage. I believe we should be expecting more from her giving she doesn’t change her mind.


 10. Dianna Agron, Bill: $15,000

Not everyone likes to get a rhinoplasty because of the desire to have a better-looking nose, Dianna’s reason is more concrete. But nonetheless, the actress and role model for many teenage girls spent about $15,000 to fix her broken nose after a collision with friends when she was out dancing the night away. Famous for her role as Quinn Fabray in ‘Glee’, Dianna who had the confidence to make the change didn’t take it too far with countless procedures or alterations. She just took and break and fixed it, and now looks as beautiful as ever.