| Author: Joshua Swan

1. Nicki Minaj, Bill: $11,500

The YMCMB first lady is by far one of the Sexiest Female rappers ever. She is very popular for her vulgar lyrics and ‘almost’ nude outfits in her music videos. The ‘Anaconda’ crooner likes to twerk a lot in her songs, no wonder she spent over $5000 for butt implants.

She didn’t stop there too, dropping another $235 to bleach her skin so she could become white, and a rhinoplasty surgery, which changed the direction of her nose from north to south, giving her the perfect Barbie Doll look.


 2. Lindsay Lohan – Bill: $10,000

Star of Hollywood’s ‘Mean Girls’ Lindsay Lohan has been at the centre of controversy concerning her looks. The actress has been rumoured to have undergone a number of cosmetic surgeries, from Boob jobs, nose jobs, facial implants, you name it she’s supposedly had it. But, Lindsay had denied all of those claims, even those claiming she had Botox to keep her younger look alive. However, she had admitted to trying out Caci, a treatment which uses electrical currents in the facial muscles to keep them smooth. Anna Faris Although, Anna has been rumoured to have gone under the knife, she is yet to admit that she had done anything to her face.

However, expert opinion has shown that she just might have had an eye lift, or facial fillers, as well as lip plumping tools such as collagen or implants. And although her Botox phase seemed to be over now, Anna also admitted to trying injections. The cost of her plastic surgery is said to be at about…


 3. Clare Danes, Bill: $11,000

Clare Danes is one of Hollywood’s most famous actress, and for women in the eye of the public, it’s only right to keep fresh and avoid the signs of ageing. She has admitted to going under the knife with claims that she is pretty open to plastic surgery. It’s no surprise to us, however, that the pressure to look young can be immense for anyone, not to talk of a famous star actress. She is believed to have done treatments such as lip fillers, an eye lift, and even facial implants. And for a 38-year-old, her surgeries have been able to keep her looking beautiful and a lot younger too.


4. Clay Aiken – $11,000

When everyone thought Clay Aiken, a guy with such an incredible voice, was going to be the next American Idol, it turned out he didn’t quite make it to that top spot. But luckily for him, his singing career did not suffer anyway. He decided to go under the knife for medical reasons, which he claimed had to do with TMJ.

He had the surgeon to remove some fat from his chin and neck while in surgery because he needed to have his jawline reconstructed. His current looks don’t seem far from what he used to look like, but we’re happy his procedure was resolved easily for him.


5. Nadya Suleman – $12,180

When Nadya Suleman delivered 8 babies at once, she became really popular and was nicknamed ‘Octomom’ which sounds like a name you’ll hear in Disney animations.

However, she has been slammed by media critics for making money out of her kids, which includes modelling, TV documentaries, and other media events. Nadya is believed to have used this money for her plastic surgeries which include lip injections, nose jobs, and unsurprisingly- vaginal rejuvenation!


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