| Author: Joshua Swan

Seldom it happens that we find a photograph which encapsulates the exact time before tragedy hits. And when we find them, they become treasured materials. They convey so many emotions that it can be extremely overwhelming to even encounter them. Today, we are going to take a look at 10 such photographs. So, here’s presenting 10 perfectly-timed photos taken right before tragedy.

1.The Race for Life

Starting our list of 10 perfectly-timed photos taken right before tragedy at number 1 is this photograph which captures the exact moment before a bike-racer is met with some horrifying possibilities. On-lookers glance in with terror as the racer after possibly losing his balance, finds himself on the ground with the bike over him, up in the air about to land on him. What is even frightening is that there might be other racers behind him as well who might crash on to him.



2.The Big Splash

Next up at number 2 on our list is this soon-to-be-wet photograph, where we see two surfers returning/going from/to a beach. Now, rain sometimes can spoil your days in more ways than you can imagine, evident by this photograph. As a car passes through a pool of water accumulated from a possible rain, it is creating a massive mud-water splash which is about to hit the two surfers walking past by. This moment is probably the last time they were dry, at least for a while.




Next up at number 3 on our list is this hilarious capture where we see a woman cheering on, in what appears to be a concert. As a glass full of water is about to hit her, the spill creates a beautiful shape mid-air and it seems that the cameras are all over her capturing this moment.

4.Not the Only One

Coming in at number 4 on our list is jaw-dropping image, where we see a rower in the middle of the ocean on his boat alone being followed by a whopping shark from behind. Well, we can only hope the shark maintained its distance and stopped haunting the man.



5.An Unexpected Visit

Next up at number 5 is this frightening photograph, where we see a bull trashing up to the audience in what seems to be a bull-fighting event. It probably sums up everything that is wrong with bull-fighting, where we are everyday are putting the lives of animals and players and audience in jeopardy.

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