| Author: Lindsey Brand

1. Photo with shark

Pictures are often drawn with the notion of having beautiful memories – But is that always true?

What if you captured the last photo before the tragedy, will you want the world to see it? some of the photos will leave you heartbroken.  Are You ready for the Deadly Selfie?


2. Up in the Air

Starting our list of photos taken right before tragedy is this heart-wrenching picture of a mother and daughter taken by the husband and father on their way to a family vacation before the take-off. This would go on to become their last photograph as all of them were killed when the MH17 plane was shot down over Ukraine in a 33,000 feet plummet.


3. Saviour

This ill-fated photograph was taken in 1999 when two students took guns in Columbine school and shot everyone that stood in their path. This photo, from a CCTV footage of the cafeteria, shows teacher David Sanders warning the students to stay out of sight, trying to save their lives. It is taken moments before he left the cafeteria to meet his demise at the hands of those gunmen.


4. The Last Performance

Our list comes an image from the final performance of legendary singer Whitney Houston. Before she died of a drug overdose, shocking the entire world, she looked happy and care-free in this innocent moment caught during what would go on to become her final performance.


5. Explore

This vintage image of explorers George Mallory and Sandy Irvine. They were in their attempt to be the first ones to tackle at climbing Mt Everest. Unfortunately, their voyage never came into fruition and was never seen again.



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