| Author: Lindsey Brand

In our world, unpleasant things happen every day. We offer you to take a look at a set of interesting and touching photos that reveal the inner magic and charm of our life. Kindness, cordiality and romance are hidden in everyday things. We hope this gallery will inspire you to warm and kind deeds. If you have something to say, please share interesting and unusual stories of your life. We sincerely welcome your comments.


1. This Granny turned 101, but her sincere smile can be still envied by the young!

Let’s wish her health and even more longevity!




2. My grandmother died when I was 14 years later, I found her heart-piercing letter and a gift she left me for my eighteenth birthday.

One can`t take the eternal family values out of the equation of life.




3. Mama Corgi looks after her furry babies

Mother always loves all children equally.




4. Compassive dog raised two ducklings

Animals are much more tender-hearted than humans. A unique dog-duck family!

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