| Author: Joshua Swan


This one is not technically a food but more of a food trend. The focus is to utilize as much as possible of the fruits and vegetables that you are cooking. The trend encourages people to use more of an eco-friendly cooking approach that promotes the idea that you have to use every bit of the ingredients whilst cooking, instead of wasting products or putting it in compost.

Imagine you are making a vegetable stew. For that, you end up chopping carrots but you waste about 20-30 percent of every piece when you cut off the top and tail. This food trend is aimed at stopping this kind of waste. So the next time, you use root-to-stem cooking, put in broccoli, cauliflower, and mushroom with their stems, or use onions and garlic with their skin on.

Although root to the stem is more of an individual choice, we think it makes sense to contribute in what little ways we can do to reduce waste, so this one seems like a win-win!



Shortened for a sandwich, the Katsu Sando has been around for past hundred or so years. The dish finds its origins in Tokyo where a chef started to cook it to keep up with schnitzels. The dish made a huge comeback in 2018 when all popular cafes and restaurants included it in their menu items across the States.

The sandwich is made by putting a piece of pork cutlet, also known as wagyu, between slices of particular Japanese bread made of milk, called shokupan. The sauce that goes in this delicious sandwich is called tonkatsu sauce.

The resulting dish is not only delicious and flavorful but also extremely rich in taste. These sandwiches can now be found easily in different states and cities around the USA, and we suggest you taste them yourself. Believe us, you will be surprised.




Well yes, this might be the weirdest trend that 2018 brought in. It is the type of water which is sourced from a water source and bottled without any treatment. Instead of your usual tap water which has a number of chemicals and other things added by the plants after filtration, this type of water comes directly from nature. And as expected, it is sold at an unnaturally high price.

The supporters of the trend claim that regular tap water is infused with many harmful chemical substances like drugs and what not. Whilst raw water comes from a natural place – a natural enclosed spring – which makes it better for human consumption. However, EPA has declared their disagreement with this chain of logic. They clearly state that water from a natural source can have chemical, physical or biological contamination, which requires treatment. A glass of water which is seemingly clear might still contain harmful bacteria, chemicals, and parasites.

Still, the sales of raw water remain unaffected and people keep buying the bottles despite the high price and health risk.




Discovering new flavors of ice cream has been our favorite pastime for so long. The trend is not exactly new; however, 2018 saw an unusual spike in new flavors coming out, from the tastiest to the weirdest editions, which left us all happily surprised.

For the weird part, ice cream makers came out with flavors like brie, chili, squid ink, broccoli (why?!), pickle juice and even pizza. Some places tried a beer, ham, lobster as well as olive oil flavors in ice-cream too. To all the ice cream enthusiasts, the year gave some happy and some weird ice cream moments. Should they have done it – well that is a question that no true ice cream lover can answer at the moment. We are just waiting to see what 2019 has in store for us.




Healthy food has always been the center of attention in new food trends around the world and 2018 has been no different. The year saw an increase in so-called gut-friendly foods which claim to come with healthy, good microbes that can make your gut better. It is a known fact that your gut controls the physical and mental balance of your body. These foods are then supposed to balance the microbe levels in your digestive tract, work on glucose levels and fat storage and regulate the hormones in the body.

Most foods that fall in this category are fermented with a high content of fiber and nutrients. Most vegetables, beans as well as grains are good for your gut. Similarly, kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, pickles, miso, and tempeh are all considered gut-friendly. You should also try to avoid red meat, eggs, dairy, and junk food as much as possible to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

So what is your favorite weird food from 2018? Let us know in the comments below.