| Author: Joshua Swan

6. Renaissance women opting to have receding hairlines

Renaissance period had a list of over thirty traits that were considered part of beauty. However, what you must have noticed in almost all of Renaissance paintings, it’s the strange look of the women in those paintings. It’s because of the fact that women were considered beautiful if they had a curved, large forehead. In order to get one, women often took to plucking or shaving their hairlines backward to make their forehead look bigger. In other words, a receding hairline was considered a good sign during the Renaissance.


7. Tang dynasty – the lover of (big) cheeks

In ancient China, during the rule of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE), women having curvier features such as round faces or big cheeks and wider foreheads were considered more attractive and beautiful. Well, it won’t be wrong to call the Tang Dynasty the lover of big cheeks!


8. Eyelashes were a big no-no during the renaissance

During the Middle Ages and all the way up to the Renaissance, plucking of hair did not just stop at the forehead for European women. In fact, even eyelashes were removed, as having eyelashes indicated oversexuality! Thus, women from wealthy families would often get rid of their eyelashes completely, which to be honest, sounds too painful to even think about.


9. Sway backed look of the edwardian women

The Edwardian era was considered by many as the period that celebrated the mature female body. This led to corset use by women. However, since the corsets were tight, they affected women’s breathing and also put immense pressure on the internal organs.

To get around this issue, a special type of s-bend corsets came into vogue that greatly reduced the stress on and around the waists. Instead, the new corset was designed in such a way that it created an impression of bustle without using any extra layers! However, the design shaped the women’s spines into a weird position, which made them walk with a sway, and at many times even caused permanent damage to their spines!


10. Pubic hair was plucked in native american tribes

When colonists reached the shores of the Americas, they were in for a surprise when they found out about a painful beauty trend that was followed by the native American women – plucking of the pubic hair. Jefferson, once remarked that the native women considered it a disgrace to have hair on their bodies, and would remove it as fast it grew in order to stay beautiful.