| Author: Joshua Swan

Do you think everything in your kitchen is in their correct place? And what about your refrigerator? Well, actually it is mostly possible that there are a lot of bacteria hiding in your fridge because you keep foods in it that don’t belong there. If you worry about your health and about the food you consume, we have selected 20 foods of everyday use that you should not keep in the refrigerator.



It is not recommended to keep avocados in the fridge, as cold affects the process of the ripening of this fruit. So, you just need to keep your avocados outside the fridge, somewhere with room temperature where it can get ripe. To fasten the process of ripening, you can put avocado in a bag with an apple or even a banana, these fruits produce ethylene, the latter makes avocado to ripe faster. What if the avocado is already ripe? Well, in such case it’s time to it that avocado.





Do you know what happens to potatoes when they are kept in the refrigerator? They turn sweet and grainy. Cold temperature turns starch into sugar, this happens to all vegetables containing starch. So, you need to keep potatoes in dry places with good temperature. If the potato is cooked, you need to put it in the fridge to prevent the formation of bacteria.




For all the coffee lovers out there, you shouldn’t keep your coffee in the fridge and most importantly in the freezer. You can keep coffee in the fridge only if you consume it rarely and you don’t want it to go off. But it is not recommended to keep it in the fridge as the humidity there takes all the aroma and taste of the coffee.





If you’ve ever put honey in the refrigerator then you know, that in the fridge honey becomes crystallized and turns into a sugary consistency. So, we don’t recommend keeping honey in the fridge. Actually, honey is one of those products that does not go bad unless you keep them in proper conditions.




If you love fresh herbs, then you probably know that the refrigerator is the best place to keep them fresh. But this is not the case with all herbs and basil is not an exception. When kept in the fridge basil turns into a brown smudgy consistency. To avoid this, you need to trim the basil stems and keep them in a glass full of water which keeps them fresh and healthy. This way you become a double winner, by keeping your greens fresh and decorating your kitchen.




Where do you keep your olive oil? If in the fridge, then we’ll recommend you to take it out and keep it in a cool cupboard. After keeping olive oil in the fridge for some time you will notice it changing its consistency. This happens due to the humidity in the fridge. The oil can turn cloudy and even get thicker. But if you have one in the fridge and notice it changing its appearance, don’t throw it away, just take it out of the fridge and keep it in a dry and cool place.




If you love to eat tasty and juicy fruits, then you better not keep stone fruits, such as peach, apricot, etc., in the fridge. When on cold temperature such fruits stop ripening and lose all their aromas. Before eating a fruit, you should keep it in room temperature to let it get ripe properly and to keep all its delicious tastes.