| Author: Lindsey Brand

5. Laurence Tureaud (Mr. T)

‘ 80s star, former wrestler and actor Laurence Tureaud (more known as Mr. T) is esteemed not only for Boxing matches, but also for such films as Rocky 3, SpyHard, Freaked, Judgment. Since 2006, he participated in a number of wrestling and boxing shows like TV Land’s reality I Pity the Fool.




6. Michael Andrew Fox

Michael J. Fox, best known for the film Back to the Future, has been struggling against Parkinson’s disease for many years. Being a strong man, he continues to participate in TV shows – Spin City, the Good Wife, Scrubs. Among other things, he takes an active part in the voicing process of movies and cartoons.




7. Matthew Raymond Dillon

Matt Dillon often played the role of a typical bully and hooligan in many popular films of the 80’s. His career is stable; he continues to appear in films and TV series. One of the most interesting series of recent years with his participation is Wayward Pines.



8. Matthew Nathan Broderick

Matthew Broderick gained hearts and glory in 1986, after he starred as a student in the sensational film called Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Almost unchanged over the years, he was also warmly welcomed by the audience in the show 30 Rock.



9. Patrick Galen Dempsey

Fame came to Patrick in 1987, after the release of the romantic teen film called Can’t Buy Me Love, where he played the role of a geeky student. He’s still in the movies today. We can see him acting in high-budget movies like Transformers, Sweet Home Alabama, Enchanted.



10. Kevin Norwood Bacon

After the filming of Footloose in 1984, Kevin became a celebrity. His career has been going up over the years, and today he teaches young actors the secrets of old movies.