| Author: Lindsey Brand

Not every couple starts with the action even before they reach their bedroom. Some like to get comfortable before they start making their wedding night memorable. And that is exactly what is happening in the photograph below where the bride is still in her wedding dress and waiting for her husband to be all attentive towards her but he started taking pictures of her to make the night more memorable. From the look that the lady has on her face, it is clear that she is anxious to have her man in her arms and we hope that the night was great.

1. Wedding Basher

This photo looks like it has been taken from those times when there was reel, as the photographer would have never gotten this photo out if he knew it had been bombed with an uninvited guest in the background. When the reel must have developed, then they would have known how one of the beautiful pictures have been ruined with a half-naked man in the background. It undoubtedly must have become a hilarious memory for the newlywed couple.


2. Upside Down

A wedding is a big decision of life, and at some time you can feel your whole world turning upside down, but this couple took that to a literal meaning by having a picture showing them both upside down. We are sure the photo was taken in the right way, but either the photographer or the couple thought to get creative and edited the picture to make it look like this. The bride and groom’s faces even look creepy.



3. Wedding Traditions

You all must have seen many different wedding traditions, but this one you must have never seen before. We are not quite sure what is happening here, but whatever it seems to be a form of entertainment for everyone at the wedding. The old man is the bride’s father and the buy touching his legs is the groom. We guess before the groom gets his hands on the bride, he has to get hands on the father in law as well. The groom is sure having a good laugh out of it, but the father in law doesn’t look so happy.



4. Ways of Going Viral

This is the funniest picture we have seen so far, and you’ll also have to agree this is one of the best photobombs you have seen. This may be hilarious, but one should know it’s not a beautiful thing to ruin someone’s wedding photo shoot like this, we are guessing this was not taken on a DSLR otherwise the photographer would have deleted the image as soon as he saw the man in the background. They would have found out when the picture got developed. What this man did was wrong, but it got him viral on the internet for sure.

5. Groom weds a Doll

You all might have heard cheesy couples calling each other Doll. Usually, the guys do it. This guy must see his bride as a doll, as he has gotten her edited as one in their wedding picture. Now if this isn’t creepy then what is? Also what is up with the guy’s soaking wet tuxedo? Looks like found his little doll bride so beautiful that he fell in some water nearby with excitement.

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