| Author: Lindsey Brand

6. Chicken Customs

Did you know that in some cultures it is mandatory for the bride and groom to release chickens off a bride to keep the bad spirits away? Well, this couple looks like they come from one of those cultural backgrounds. But instead of throwing the dead chicken from the bridge, they are throwing it up in the air. Also, we wonder why they chickens have been skinned out like that? They could just have been dead. Well, we guess there are few things we’ll never understand.



7. Riffle Wedding

If you have been around weapons, then you would know its suggested to never point a gun at someone, but this old grandpa here doesn’t go by the rules. He has got his rifle pointing directly towards the bride and groom, who look extremely frightened by it. The old man must be a gangster relative of the bride, who is giving a lecture to the groom about not messing with his girl otherwise he would kill him with the same gun in his hands. Lesson Learned!!



8. Wedding Cakes

We have seen many strange things happening at weddings, and we have seen so many different weird cakes, but this tops all of it. What kind of celebration is done with a poop cake? Either this couple thinks of them as shitty people, or they have some creepy obsession with poop, which explains why they are so happy cutting a cake which looks like poop. Also, it’s not even that cute poop emoji, but an actual poop looking cake. We bet no guest would have even taken a bite of it.


9. When Unexpected People Marry

This would have been such a good picture if it had not been bombed with the sign in the background. The person holding the board which says ‘Achievement unlocked, Obtain a Wife,’ must be a friend of the groom’s who thought his nerdy friend would never be able to get a wife. But to his surprise he did, and to show his shock he brought this board to the wedding. We hope this wedding works, and he never has to unlock a divorce achievement.


10. Sealing a Kiss with the Dolphins

Everyone wants to make their wedding kiss memorable, and this couple surely did a good job by having their kiss photographed with the dolphins in the background. At first, we thought the picture is photoshopped, but looking at it closely made us realize its an actual photo with the dolphins. The image must have been perfect if the groom had even dressed up nicely.