| Author: Lindsey Brand

1. Being in a relationship is something very valuable and you should definitely value your relationship with your girl friend if you have. She is the most trust worthy person you have and she is someone with whom you can share almost everything. But you should keep in mind that some things should be kept to your self and by yourself means that even your girlfriend should not know those things. If anyone has told you his or her secret, that’s number one thing that should be kept to you and you only. The reason is that girls are little light on stomach and they cannot keep secrets very well. And you don’t want to enter into a situation when you have to be embarrassed because of your lifelong friend.


2. If you have any sexual issues that are either medical or psychological, they must be kept with you only. The reason is that she might be judging you for those faults and it does not bring a very good impression if you end up as a $ex freak in front of her.



3. If you check out on other girl’s bodies, then you are not supposed to tell her. The reason is that ultimately she will bring this thing under discussion and you wont be able to handle that when this happens. If you compare her body with others, keep the comparison right in your brain.


4. If your family does not like her or something or does not think she is a good woman, take a deep breath and prove your family wrong. The reason to this is that she is your family now and you should learn to live with any of the bad habits she has. There is no need to tell her what your family thinks about her if it is bad thinking.


5. Whatever you do with your friends is something that you do with your friends. These things should not be disclosed whether it’s about p0rn0graphy or drinking or even girls. Your girlfriend is someone who should not know of any of these activities.

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