| Author: Joshua Swan

6.  It is also called the Devil’s Traingle

A name like The Devil’s Triangle certainly does not sound like a fun place to visit, does it? The Bermuda Triangle is known to have caused many strange disappearances and is believed to have some sort of bad luck surrounding the area. And because of these terrible events, the Bermuda triangle was also nicknamed as the Devil’s Triangle.

The alternate name was invented by Vincent H. Gaddis when he wrote about the triangle in his Argosy Magazine.

7. Navy Avenger Torpedo Bombers

In December of 1945, during the world war II, the US military witnessed one of its biggest losses when five Navy Avenger Torpedo Bombers planes consisted of 14 crewmen, took off from Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale, headed to Bimini island, was never heard from again after all communications with crew were lost.

Before their strange disappearance, 90 minutes after they took off, radio operators who kept communication with the crew got a signal that the compass was not functioning. Thereafter, the communication was lost, and so did the Navy Avenger Torpedo Bombers.

Search and rescue operations have been carried out several times over the course of 30 years, and are still going on but no reliable or credible information has been gotten, the Navy Avenger torpedo bombers remained undiscovered till date.


8. Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ was Inspired by It

A lot of people who have read the Tempest, a book by legendary author Williams Shakespeare, believed he was inspired by the events which occurred around the Bermuda Triangle. Truth is, however, at the time Shakespeare wrote the Tempest, the Bermuda triangle was not as popular then, as it is now.

In fact, Shakespeare’s play was based on a shipwreck that occurred in 1609. The belief that Shakespeare’s inspiration for his book, The Tempest was drawn from the Bermuda Triangle began to grow after news of a ship which was put off track into a storm between the Bermuda and Florida and never reached its destination.

Soon after, the story spread quickly and people began to talk about it and believed the play was inspired by it.


9.  It Sank The USS Cyclops (AC-4)

In the beginning, we talked about how small boats and enormous ships got sunk by the Bermuda triangle, or as supposed. Well, one of the earliest reported cases involving the Bermuda triangle had to with the sinking of a ship known as the USS Cyclops in 1918.

The ship was really large and was carrying over 300 crew members, including the captain, several suppliers, including 10,800 long tons (11,000 t) of manganese are used to produce munitions according. The ship, however, never made it to its destination after voyaging in March of 1918. The ship was suspected to have gone down somewhere between Barbados and the Chesapeake Bay.

The strangest part of this mysterious loss was that the ship went missing without any sign or case of emergencies, not even an SOS was sent or heard from it.


10. The Triangle Sank a Whole Marine Tanker

With more and more facts about the Bermuda triangle sinking ships and falling planes from the skies, this is one strange fact that still packs a lot of controversy to it. The triangle was reported to be the cause of the sinking of a 7,240-ton ship. The ship was called “Sufler Queen” and got sank in 1963, along with 39 well-trained navy men on board.

The ship, which was 300 feet high, was tasked with delivering sulfur to the southern coast of Florida. It was reported that the ship sailed off course when they reached the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle.

Everyone who heard about the strange and tragic incident was shocked, as to how the ship just disappeared out of thin air with all 39- crew members presumed to be lost.