| Author: Lindsey Brand

Well this photo just shows the way the woman loves her child. She can almost do anything for her whether it requires aching of any of her body part in result. There was a show which her son wanted to see and she could not find any stool where he could stand and be the audience. So an idea occurred to her suddenly and she decided that she should use the pair of fats which nature has blessed her with. So she made her child stand on her muffin top and she balanced him excellently with her his hands.


This happens when your twelve year old boys don’t listen to you and are always found in the gadgets section. This is how you tame them. This way they will be busy reading the stuff that you put inside the trolley and even if they want anything, they could not get out and get that thing and charge you another 100 bucks except for what you shop at home. The control is all your from now on even on a entering the teens kid.


He went to Wal-Mart to buy himself some good clothes. But what he wore on the trip to Wal-mart is funny and hilarious. He looks more like a clown to me rather than a customer. What funny entrance he would have made into the wal- mart and what sort of entertainment he would be for the spectators. I am just figuring out that if he did not have anything else to wear or how would he have exited his own house wearing such a cheeky outfit. Most probably, if there were any kids at his home, they would have loved the drama and would have asked him for some sort of a clown dance and the elders would have enjoyed that too.


Well there is a limit to everything and if you go above the limit, then something bad happens like with this man. He was fudging around with his girl’s ass in a shopping center and he got clicked by someone and its all viral now on the internet. He should have done these things at home or in privacy at least. I mean to say that everyone understands that you love something and you want to fondle with it every now and then but you should take care of the surroundings and where you are located before committing such an obscene act.



These people are most likely waiting to be billed by the counter person and they all are sitting in a line as if they are sitting in a drive through. For those who don’t know if there is a drive through in Wal-Mart or not, they should know that a drive through is something which you can make everywhere at any time.


Looks like Walmart is soon to be awarded with ‘comprising of the most awkward looking customers’ title. This guy in Walmart with his blonde gorgeous hair and the bizarre looking outfit leaves the crowd astounded and almost distracted from all the other stuff that people around him were supposed to do.

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