| Author: Lindsey Brand

Can’t tell what is more controversial here. Is it the man’s ill at ease outfit or his hairdo that no one could digest? Amazingly, you can do anything you want here in Walmart, nobody seems to mind. However, people won’t tolerate this particular view for long



When you really don’t want a pricey hair dresser to do your hair? Do it yourself, it’s just a five finger exercise to be honest. Pick a head sized bowl, place it on your head and trim along! Leaving all that in-fashion haircuts aside. Plus, please do not forget to entitle this haircut because you know, people may ask.



Her girls wanted to see a real doll-like thing walking around, she is none other than just a truly dedicated mom, and she did it for them. So let us just melt for this motherly love. No sighs, no surprise. All we need is devotion to have such a heart.



Because looking for a wheel chair wouldn’t be logical. When in Walmart, go for a trolley instead. Because it’s only this place where you can find almost anything and do anything. Do such things and distract all the people around leaving them baffled about what purpose they had come there for.