| Author: Lindsey Brand

So look through our gallery, and you’ll be shocked to know about the deformities that you never knew about your favorite celebrities and odds they are and how normal is to be to one and some likes to flaunt it and some hated it or hate. Find out more by navigating on the next page. Thank you!


1. Megan Fox

While her photogenic highlights are a backbone installation in magazines around the globe, few realize that Fox experiences a condition known as brachydactyly. This implies her thumbs are short and wide, however, regardless they work fine and dandy.

In the expressions of Fox herself, “They’re weird and they’re very fat.”


2. Harry Styles

The British pop star may have experienced a fast change since his days in One Direction (1D) English musical band, however, one piece of Styles you most likely won’t see at any point in the near future is his 3rd nipple!

Being the sure, charmer that he is, Styles hasn’t been one to skip it from discussing it, and talking of which in a past meeting he said in a jolly mood, “I must have been a twin, but the other one went away and left its nipples behind.”



3. Kate Hudson

Going on gossipy talk now, Kate Hudson may (or may not) have an eleventh toe. But as she never enlightens us regarding the fact is true or not, we can’t actually say anything else on this other than that it would be one lovely flaw!



4. Gerard Butler

No doubt he has been known as “the most attractive man alive,” Gerard Butler has flaws recently like numerous other men.

While you may not see it, his correct ear stands out more than his left ear, however, you’ll never see in the films as make-up specialists “literally…. stick it down.”



5. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher as of late uncovered to Conan O’Brien that he was going bald, yet something that is most likely all the more humiliating for the star to concede is his webbed, left foot.

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