| Author: Joshua Swan

Fun facts about sport and sportsmen that will make you smile

1. Howard Lovecraft puts 5 stars!

A strange creature emerges from the pool! Run! Oh, it’s just synchronized swimming.



2. One second before …

Michelle Kwan is a multiple champion in figure skating. Despite the smoothness of her movements and the flexibility of her body, in some photos we see moments that make us worry about her life!



3. Can a gymnast live without a head?

You will be surprised, but yes! Take a look at this interesting sports photo taken at the right moment of the performance of a young gymnast.



4. Facial gesture

A cheerleader is one of the most difficult professions. Take a word. Or just take a look at the face of this young girl.



5. Surface tension of water

In this photo we observe the effect of surface tension of water. It seems that the swimmer is not in the pool, but in a huge jar with a transparent gel. This is physics, relax.

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