| Author: Joshua Swan

6. Female wrestling

One of the most dangerous sports is wrestling. We used to see bearded men who beat each other on TV, but when such death techniques are used by tender women .. Oh, this is emotional!



7. A gift from a baseball player.

In this photo, we see that the man quickly responded and caught a baseball bat, which would undoubtedly have broken the boy’s face. It all ended well. Plus, they got a nice present.



8. Football dentistry

All hockey players are toothless – it’s a fact. But who would have thought that this epidemic would infect football players?



9. Awkward ball catcher

This guy doesn’t use baseball gloves. It is outdated. It is better to surprise the lady behind by catching the ball with the face! We hope his eye remained in place!

10. Photogenicy at the limit

Remember this photo when someone tells you that you are not photogenic!