| Author: Joshua Swan

People who have cats or had cats would know that cats have a thing for pots and boxes. We don’t get that thing and we don’t think so that anyone would ever get it but this is something which is just so true because these small people would do anything to jump in a pot or in a box and they would have a nice nap there. but we don’t blame the box or the pot because cats are mostly sleeping and half of their lives you would see them asleep.



And how could it be that when the human is working and the cat or the dog wouldn’t come to annoy them and to disturb them. They would just know that what you would be doing and they would just come crawling and they would jump right at you so you can’t work. Because obviously you couldn’t just work when there is a whole bundle of cuteness overloaded sleeping right on your computer screen.



Now usually bull dogs are animals who are mostly considered as dangerous or someone who would just jump and they would bite. But that is certainly not the case because one would just never ever think that they would do anything like that. just look at him and how adorably this little one is sleeping with his tongue showing out a bit. He is just a sleepy little doggie. And we just can’t help but to stare.



I don’t think so that anyone could blame the small fluffy kitten because they are just sleepy and how would you react if you are sleepy and you would want to sleep. Of course that any human wouldn’t be able to fit in a sandal, if that sandal belongs to a giant only then you could try making it into a bed but otherwise no! although the kitten is just so tiny that he would sleep in a sandal and look just so cute!



He is going by the rule; if my head fits, I then sleep! Obviously that didn’t rhyme but you all get my point. And even if you don’t then you would just have to look at this picture and you all would know that what I’m talking about over here. And we bet that a lot of people must have seen their pets to be sleeping with their heads kept on or leaning over something too funny.