| Author: Lindsey Brand

6. 1960 – MISS USA

For a third time, a citizen from the USA, Linda Bement, took the crown of Miss Universe home. This time the pageant was hosted by Miami. Linda was the second lady from Utah who had been crowned. In 1960, the pageant was also broadcasted on TV.



7. 1964 – MISS GREECE

Corina Tsopei was a Greek citizen and also had a kind heart. She was passionate about world problems and worked for the betterment of children having leukemia. She also worked in a few gigs for Hollywood but her heart lay in social causes.




Gloria Diaz was chosen from 60 candidates and went on to become the titleholder for 1969. Instead of grabbing opportunities in Hollywood, she tried her hand in her own country which was an extremely wise decision. She went on to become one of the most popular actresses in the country.






10. 1976 – MISS ISRAEL

Israel showed a different aspect of their country that year when Rina Messinger took the crown home. She happened to be the first one to win the crown and no one from Israel has ever won again. She was provided with great security while she embarked on her tour for Miss Universe that year.

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