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11.  2004 – MISS AUSTRALIA

The Australian winner was a really smart woman who knew how to build a career. Jennifer Hawkins won the pageant in Ecuador. She set up 2 successful brands and managed their portfolios efficiently. She also hosted other pageants like America’s Next Top Model. She had previously been a cheerleader.



12. 2007 – MISS JAPAN

Riyo Mori was the only child and loved dancing from a very young age. She decided to study ballet and still possesses the shoes she first wore. She succeeded to star in different pageant shows by Donald Trump and wished to start a dance school by herself in Tokyo, Japan.



13. 2014 – MISS COLOMBIA

Paulina Viga was only the second to become Miss Universe from Colombia. She promoted well with the help of the crown she had won. She too worked for the awareness of AIDS and volunteered for a number of organizations.




The winner, Demi-Leigh Nel Peters, was the 2nd woman from South African origin to hold the crown. She was a graduate in business management and was fluent in multiple languages. She believed in work pay parity and fights for the same.




Last year, Catriona Gray won the pageant in Bangkok. She is a singer and a model and is part Australian in heritage. She has attended Berklee College of Music and dedicated her time to try to eradicate poverty in her country.