| Author: Lindsey Brand

Most Interesting Rihanna facts

Rihanna rightly occupies the pedestal of the most beautiful and talented women in the world.

Let’s take a look at her Instagram and see what secrets her personal page is hiding.



1. Advantages should not be hidden

Rihanna – one of the most outspoken singers. She is not shy of her body; moreover, she presents her goods as an obvious advantage!



2. The statue of Rihanna in Berlin

The Germans adore the singer so much so they created a huge statue in her honor. The statue accurately reproduces all the anatomical peculiarities of the singer`s body.



3. Color experiments

Rihanna loves to experiment with color. Bright and shocking outfits of different colors harmonize perfectly with the variety of her songs.



4. Hello to Michael Jordan!

Rihanna is a basketball lover and an ardent fan of Michael Jordan. In her Instagram she often sends messages written on her body.



5. Classic style

Despite the need for experimentation, one of Rihanna’s most favorite styles is the classic style. She loves elegant coats, cardigans, sweaters and retro sunglasses.