| Author: Lindsey Brand

Usually people must have heard and even have said the phrase, this person is on fire and that person is one fire when they have come up with something just so unexpected! But over here we can say, the Santa is on fire and in literal sense the Santa is on fire! This is something which must have caused so much trouble not just in the house but in the neighborhood too that people wouldn’t even know that what is going around!



Greeting from the Goths and the cute grandpa! It is very much evident that a very adorable and cute grandpa is stuck between a family of Goths. And they are giving that very typical kind of look that one could expect from a Goth family! Though I’m sure that their parents must be so proud that almost some of them are trying to give a smile. But I don’t know why some of them are just giving me the chills.



There would be a lot of people who would be just getting a little disturbed from looking at this picture, but let me tell you that this is all about that time when this man thought that why don’t he creates an old picture of him when he was a kid! So he was a kid and he was sitting on Santa’s lap and crying for help. Well and that sentence came so wrong! but anyway, you people get my point!



People who have pets at their homes would know that your pet just can’t help but to mess up your Christmas decorations and that is what they call, holidays! There are just so, so many people who would be taking cute pictures of their pets while they would be just destroying the Christmas tree. But over here, we have this little dog who is a very good boy and he is giving that look of a good boy too.



In case some of you don’t remember or even know her, let me tell you that she is a former First Lady Reagan and that is the legendary Mr. T! and it is just so funny that even after that I have introduced you to these people they still don’t know about it at all. But this picture is quite a keeper and that is why we searched all our archives and brought it just for you people! So you could enjoy this gem!