| Author: Joshua Swan

1. WWII Girls’ Athletic Club

After World War II lives of millions around the world were disturbed and destroyed, this along with the shortage of fuel and food. People were in the phase of The Great Depression. In order to keep the civilian morale high and maintain a normal environment, combatant countries like Germany, Britain, the United States, and many more started keeping the people busy with sports and entertainment. Here is a picture of a German Women’s Athletic team where the instructor is inspecting her girls’ posture to prepare them for an upcoming event.



2. The White Bronco Chase

On June 17th, 1994, 24 years ago the entire world got to witness the criminal justice of L.A in the most unusual manner, it was so bizarre that it became a part of history. We are talking about the famous White Bronco Chase, when a man named O.J. Simpson gave the authorities a wild chase across the freeways of Los Angeles, from Orange County to a driveway in Bentwood Estate, because he was asked to surrender for being involved in the murder of his ex-wife and her friend. All the channels got it live on their cameras and gave the world a show.



3. The Blue Tattoo Woman

The woman with the blue tattoo or as named Olive Oatman belonged to a town in Illinois. In the year 1851, when Olive was only 13-years-old, she traveled west towards Zion along with her family, on the way they were attacked by the Yavapai Indians who killed everyone but her and took her as their slave. She lived the slavery life for a year until she was sold to the Mohave group. These people raised her as their own and tattooed her face marking her as a part of their clan. The poor girl had accepted her fate and was living a happy life with her new people, but at the age of 19, she got rescued by the white society. After that Olive Oatman became famous, so much that she is now a part of history. But this fame cost her great pain and an extremely disturbing early life.



4. Live Assassination

On October 12th of the year 1960, a 17-year-old Japanese ultranationalist named Otoya Yamaguchi murdered Inejiro Asanuma, the head of the Japan Socialist Party, on live TV while he was delivering a political debate in the advancement of parliamentary elections. The assassination was done using the traditional Japanese blade called the yoroi-dōsh. Otoya Yamaguchi was arrested on the spot and sentenced to jail for his entire life, but only three weeks after the assassination he was found dead as he had hung himself in the prison cell, leaving a note behind, carved on the wall, which said, ‘Seven lives for my country. Long live His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor.’



5. Royal Fun Moments

This beautiful photo was taken in the year 1992 when Princess Diana was alive and with her family. In April of the same year, the Royal family took a trip to the Thorpe amusement park to enjoy some family fun time. In this picture, you can see Princess Diana and her youngest son Prince Harry, both enjoying themselves on a tube water slide. By the looks of their faces, we can tell how happy they are. The children must still miss such moments with their mother as she left us all very early.

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