| Author: Joshua Swan

6. Rooftop Self-defense Class

Back in the 1930s boxing gyms were not so common, especially for women. So to practice their skills for war, women utilized rooftops as a place where they could master their techniques of self-defense, boxing, and other things. This picture was clicked in the year 1938 where we see two girls having a friendly boxing match on top of a building’s roof, while other girls are watching them play. If you zoom in the picture you’ll see what a great punch this is.



7. Sexy but not Modest

In the year 1964, a representative of the Scandinavian Airline came up with a proposal for a new uniform for the flight attendants. The dress you see in the picture worn by the woman on the right is the one which was proposed, but as we can see it is extremely provocative the idea was rejected right away. Air hostesses sure have to look good and attractive but their dresses have to be modest according to the rules. We are sure many men must have been disappointed by this decision of the airline, but if this had gotten approved imagine what incidents could have taken place on the airlines as people would have been aroused seeing flight attendants in clothes as short as these.



8. Royal Flight Service

This is what the first class of the Scandinavian Airlines looked like back in the year 1969. The aircraft during that time were different than how they are today, the first class had a lot of space which gave room for a buffet service. Here we can see the air hostess and steward serving a Scandinavian country-style buffet to their passengers. The airline is still in function and is said to have great first class services, but this picture tells us that in the old times it was way more luxurious.



9. Free Borsht to Celebrate

In the year 1953 when Joseph Stalin, a Soviet revolutionary and a politician of Georgian ethnicity, passed away the Ukrainians all around the world celebrated. The reason for this was because this man was involved in killing millions of Ukrainians by starving them to death and genocide. This is a picture taken in America where a Ukrainian family put up a poster outside their restaurant about giving away free Borsht in the celebration of Stalin’s death. Borscht is the national hot or cold sour soup of the Ukrainians and it sure is delicious, so we are guessing many people must have stopped by this restaurant that day.



10. End of the 18th Amendment

According to the 18th Amendment of the United States of America, which came out in the year 1919, alcohol was prohibited all over the country. But as the years passed by the opinion of the public changed and by the end of the year 1932 the 18th amendment was challenged by the Democratic Party. Because of the Democrats strong strength and public favor, the Congress had to pass a resolution repealing the 18th amendment and adopting the 21st Amendment. On December 5th, 1933 the ban over alcohol got lifted and celebrations were done all around the nation. Here is a picture of the same date where people are celebrating in a bar with drinks in their hands.