| Author: Lindsey Brand

1. Lady Gaga

It is not a surprise to see lady gaga hitting our list at number 2. Lady gaga posted this selfie on Twitter in May, 2015. When she says she is badly missing her fiance, Taylor Kinney as he is out of town. Taylor and lady gaga got engaged to marry last year. She posted her picture wearing a heart-shaped diamond ring captioning her picture ‘’ he gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day, and I said YES!’




Rihanna is one of the biggest stars, one who reaps up the benefits of social media to make others adore her more. Rihanna posts her pictures very often, in her almost nude poses. She posted her picture showing off her gorgeous physique and sharing with her millions of followers. And no one would doubt about this picture of hers to be the most cheeky and hot at the same time.



3.Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is widely known as being one of the famous child stars. She started her career at a tender age of 3. As she grew up, she transformed herself from being a talented actress child to a Disney girl gone bad’ image. A girl who was known because of her acting is now famous for being a bad girl and a binge drinker! Though she still does some acting. Here’s her shot in a swimsuit that went viral around the social media.




Since her first entry in Hollywood, Keisha has been very famous for being in and out of Rehab, been charged for sexual harassment lawsuit and loads of personal problems. Keeping aside her career she has got many ways to be in the news since 2005. This selfies of hers is not at like many other raunchy ones but Keisha shows off her beauty leaving the rest to your imagination.



5.Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is keeping herself a bit far-off from the media world, but still she is famous as she was before. If we talk about the celebrity selfies, it won’t be completed without her being in it. Because no matter she is getting on in years now, but everyone will agree to the fact that she still got some style!