| Author: Joshua Swan

1. Danny Devito was the hairstylist for dead people.

Although Danny DeVito may not be a fashion icon when it comes to his hair, or lack of it, this actor actually got the job as a hairstylist. And though DeVito admits he loved the perks that came with this gig (the girls!), things got a bit creepy when he first started selling dead people’s hair at a mortuary – even though he still worked on women.


2. Hugh Jackman worked as a party clown and a p.e. teacher.

Hugh Jackman wasn’t always the leading man that he is considered today. In fact, this Wolverine actor had quite a few weird jobs before he made it big. He worked as an attendant at the gas station, became a clown at parties, and then even worked as a P.E. teacher!

In fact, no one knew about it until one day, a former student called him out at a red-carpet event, and thus revealed the actor’s gym teacher past to everyone around the world.


3. Christopher walken used to tame lions.

During his childhood, Christopher Walken used to work in the circus where he was hired as an assistant to a man who tamed lions, which was basically the role of tamer’s son. In a recent interview, he talked about how the lion he was assigned, Sheba, was more of a dog, and that he just had to wave the whip and the lion would sit up, lay down or roll over.


4. Victoria Beckham was dressed as a sperm.

Before she became a household name, Victoria Beckham was dressed up like a sperm for a BBC show known as Body Matters, which was related to sexual education. This took place obviously before the Spice Girls and David Beckham, but we are more than sure that she would have been the ‘poshest’ sperm even way back then!


5. Whoopi Goldberg did makeup on dead bodies.

Whoopi Goldberg was actually a trained beautician prior to becoming such a huge star in the comedy world and even winning an Oscar. In her early days, things weren’t as smooth for her, and she even took the job of a makeup artist at a local mortuary. The boss acclimated Goldberg to her new job by slowly opening a corpse drawer from where he was hiding, and then waving to her! That sure sounds like a good ground for a potential lawsuit right there.

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