| Author: Lindsey Brand


Where once glitter was something that was kept mainly to festival looks, it’s starting to stretch more into the everyday makeup look. Whether it’s a gentle shimmer that catches the light on your lid or intensely thick layers of glitter, it’s a trend that will take the world by storm. And for you guys that have already tried glitter, you’ll know that once you’ve tried it – it’s there for you to find for days afterward!

So how do you wear it? You can either just apply a glitter glue atop of your eye that is eye-safe or you can layer them atop of your eyeliner, your eyeshadow. You can take the bigger chunks of glitter and scatter them across your cheeks if you really want to make a statement with your makeup.




After years of matte liquid lipsticks dominating the market, lip gloss is finally showing its beautiful head again and taking the hearts of makeup lovers everywhere. Where once lipglosses were known for being uncomfortable and sticky to wear, brands have now reinvented them so that you can wear them without getting your hair, fluff from your cardigans or even pieces of food stuck to your lips when you wear them. They are urging for formulas which feel light and hydrating upon the lips so that you feel like you’re wearing more of a balm than a gloss.

They have achieved this formula by filling the glosses with coconut oil, plum oil, hyaluronic acid and other nutritious beauty ingredients that work towards health for your lips while making them look great at the same time. So, if you’re fed up of using lip scrubs every day just so that you can continue wearing your matte lipsticks, why not try picking up a lip gloss again? I’m sure you won’t regret it!




Insta-brows have been all the rage for a long time, with brows that are perfectly arched and put together with pomade; but now, the more natural thick brows are coming back into fashion. So drop the tweezers and pick up a clear brow gel and let them grow as much as you want. Once they’re as thick as you like, brush through your brows with a spooly and then set them in an upwards motion with a clear brow gel. This will give you a thick looking brow that has the perfect amount of bushy without you looking like a caveman. If you have sparse brows that have been overplucked then you can mimic this style by taking a brow pencil and filling in your brows with hair-like strokes.




Yes, we know. We’ve been saying that glossy, glassy, dewy skin is going to be the perfect base for being on-trend in 2019. And yes, it is. But matte is going to be still there in the background – even if it isn’t exactly how we know it to be. Matte skin in the past few years has been drying, buried beneath thick highlighters and heavy contour that have only added to the cakey texture on our skin. But while we’re ditching the heavy-handed contours and highlighters, it will automatically make everything look more matte and polished without the cake.




A majority of the above looks and trends rely on making changes to your makeup, yes. But they also need you to make some changes to your skincare routine – and the key ingredient that is going to help your skin get through whatever 2019 may bring? Hyaluronic acid. It’s slowly become a favorite of beauty gurus and makeup artists everywhere but now many skincare products are utilizing the ingredient more frequently. Don’t be put off by the name – it’s not an ‘acid’ that’s going to burn your skin. It’s actually something that your body already produces which helps to keep your skin hydrated.

The ingredient can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water – meaning that your skin will be left feeling well hydrated if you include this in your everyday skin routine. Moisturizers are often oil-based which can clog up your pores and dry them out whereas hyaluronic acid works to rehydrate your skin and bring it back to life again – especially during these harsh winter months!