| Author: Lindsey Brand

6. Wonder Woman

Universe: DC

She may look gorgeous and all, but she insanely powerful you don’t wanna mess with her ’cause she’ll break your neck…Literally! Her name is Diana of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta, she is a Princess of Amazon.

We could have called her the step-sister of Hercules but, she has no father. She was created out of clay by Zeus. Wonder Woman is a member of the Justice League and is one of the most powerful members at that. She possesses god-like abilities which include flight, super-speed, super-human strength, invulnerability, great combat skill, and durability.

Let’s just say, she can do most of the things superman can, and even fights better. And as proven back in the ’90s when Marvel and DC decided to do a major cross-over, Wonder Woman was also deemed worthy as she was able to lift Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. She is ranked as the 8th most powerful superhero ever created.


7. Hulk

Universe: Marvel

When you hear the name “Hulk” what comes first to your mind? Strength? Destruction? Rampage? Chaos? Well, you still won’t be wrong if you thought about any of those first. Because the Hulk, is a monster, but a monster we all love. He is listed among the most powerful Marvel characters ever and is by far one of the strongest.

There’s also a debate about his strength and who the strongest Avenger is. That debate, we would like to settle now. As far as strength goes, the Hulk is the strongest, reaching physical strength levels that are not yet certain (because the angrier this raging beast gets, the stronger he becomes being fueled by Garma energy). But, when we talk about most powerful Avenger, the answer still lies between Thor Odinson and Carol Danvers A.K.A Captain Marvel.

So, let’s go back to how powerful the Hulk is. Just so you know, the Hulk is the only Avenger to have fought everyone in the Marvel and DC Universe. He is so powerful, he once unleashed all of his power and destroyed a planet with a single punch. He is one of the very few characters that can see ghosts, making him able to spot Dr. Strange even in his Astral form.

He also possesses the capacity for vast levels of physical strength, self sustenance, Prolonged Longevity, superhuman speed, stamina, durability, Regenerative Healing Factor, Resistance to Psychic Control, Immunity to All Diseases and Viruses, Gamma Radiation/Energy Manipulation and Emission, Adaptation to Hostile Environments, underwater breathing, and superhuman leaping ability, etc. He is the 8th most powerful superhero ever created.


8. Shazam

Universe: DC

If not for the fact that when you find a way to shut him up for good without him being able to scream out his name out loud “Shazam!” he could have been on a later position on this list, maybe ranked within the top 5. Shazam is one of DC’s most powerful heroes. And his power has magical inclinations to it as well.

When Billy Baston was handpicked by the Sorcerer Merlin, he was bestowed upon with an incredible power that turns him into a superhero with powers. All he had to do was to scream out his name Shazam! and voila! He transforms into a grown man with unlimited power.

He tends to possess the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. And oh!… He can shoot electric volts from his hands as well. How awesome is that for a teenager? He is ranked as the 10th most powerful superhero ever created.


9. Scarlett Witch

Universe: Marvel

I am a huge fan of Scarlett Witch, especially after watching the Avengers: Endgame I had to go and do some research about this very beautiful but yet so powerful Avenger. She’s a mutant and the sister to fellow mutant QuickSilver.

Wanda Maximoff, before joining the Avengers was an evil witch who had put her hands in many evil pots and plots. But thank goodness for her change of heart, because you certainly don’t want to have one of the most powerful mutants in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the other side of ‘Team Evil’. She possesses incredible power of chaos magic. That means she can warp reality and existence and can deliver utter destruction to the Cosmos.

Her powers were given to her by the demon Chthon (imprisoned within Wundagore Mountain). At least that can explain why she was evil at first. She is beautiful and is also very powerful, ranked as the 11th most powerful superhero ever created.


10. Aquaman

Universe: DC

Next on the list of most powerful superheroes of all time is the son of a lighthouse keeper and an Atlantean queen, Arthur Curry. He is the King of Atlantis, which makes him ruler of the seven seas, commanding a Kingdom that occupies three-quarters of the earth’s surface.

Aquaman is best renowned for his fish communication abilities. Not necessarily top of the most powerful member of the Justice League, but he sure is one of the fans favourites. He has a lot of abilities that make him one of the most iconic heroes of the DC Universe.

Some of these amazing abilities include superhuman strength, near invulnerable, enhanced reflexes, control over sea life, exceptional swimming ability, ability to breathe underwater, and of course, ability to fish talk – Which I think is pretty cool, don’t you think? He ranks as the 16th most powerful superhero Ever.