| Author: Lindsey Brand

There’s no hiding that Hillary Clinton has an unbelievable control over things, be it the social media or her long-standing constituents’ choices. But still there are some of the pictures on the internet that are completely viral and she definitely doesn’t want you to see. Yes what you see here is absolutely true. The picture of two people standing side by side is of none other than the customary opponents, Hillary Clinton and Donald trump. They have been friends in the past.

Bill’s gesture here is very obvious in the picture. And that’s what we expect when bill is posing with the comedian Bill Cosby who has a thoroughly bad reputation these days. For your brainstorming we tell you, Bill Cosby started off as a stand-up comedian, actor and an author, until he got libeled for being the subject of publicized sexual assault allegations in 2000. Currently, he has a trial scheduled in June, 2017.


Looks like Hillary Clinton has found out something insufferable Clinton has done. May be she has found out about his ‘indiscretion’ he commits usually. There’s no secret that Bill and Hillary Clinton have worked hard to make their marriage sustained. Their marital relationship has been a puzzling one, and sweet simultaneously. Nevertheless, marriage is enigmatic, a perplexing situation for both the people whether it’s about common people or a celebrated couple.


Bill Clinton, happily shaking hands with the current president of the Russian federation, Vladimir Putin. Clinton’s wife won’t approve of this picture very much.


Bill  always be one of our favorite President as he knows how to react to a good or bad situation. I doubt that she must be his secret admirer or a fan but I’m more confused to the see reaction of our President that if she is his secret admirer or even a crazy fan then why he is hiding himself behind her and holding like he is not there. I think Hilary was taking this picture that is why he is being so nervous to be fit in the frame.


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