| Author: Lindsey Brand

These days there’s less pressure for celebrity females to marry “in-house”, as it were. The money and fame they accrue through their own pursuits alone are enough to keep them comfortably, filthily rich till the day they die. Still, when one famous person does start dating another, we’re always just that little bit curious to discover how they met. Would they have got together had they not both been some of the richest people on planet Earth? Is it true love, or just two big egos bumping together until they kind of, sort of fit? In some cases, say, Russell Brand and Katy Perry, it appears it was just that. However, in many other situations, it appears that having a shared interest in owning hundreds of millions of dollars in a secret Swiss bank account is enough to forge a loving, long-term relationship.

But in their defense, the relationships featured here don’t actually seem to be all about the money. Sure, it may have been what got them into the same hotel foyer or exclusive showbiz after party, but if you investigate a little deeper and listen to what they say about each other, you’ll discover it really is true love. So throw your cynicism aside and indulge in reading about some couple who are truly head over heels in love. In the end, the money was just an aside. Check out this list of celeb females who’ve either dated or married super duper rich men.


Miranda Kerr is a supermodel, while Evan Spiegel is the Snapchat CEO. Hot chick marries super nerd; it’s every young geek’s dream, right? These two began dating in 2015, after falling into each other’s arms at a dinner party in LA for Louis Vuitton.

Kerr is worth millions due to her modeling, but apparently, Spiegel’s wealth dwarfs hers. According to Forbes, his fortune sits at around $1.4 billion. Turns out that creating a worldwide social media phenomenon such as snapchat is even more profitable than looking pretty. Who knew? He became CEO at you ludicrously young age of 26 and was named one of America’s wealthiest Americans by Forbes in 2018.

Kerr and Spiegel were wed in May 2017. By all accounts, it was an intimate affair in Brentwood. California, not Essex… There were fewer than 50 attendees and supposedly they were both in tears throughout. They were in tears of joy again exactly a year later in May 2018 when they introduced the world to their first child: a little boy named Hart. A very fitting name for such a perfect romantic tale.




We all know who Gerri Halliwell is, right? The former Spice Girl needs no introduction, but her husband Christian Horner may be less of a household name. He’s the team principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, and he was actually a race driver himself until he moved into management. Turns out being the next Lewis Hamilton is pretty hard then, eh.

You can’t really call Horner a failure though, as he’s now worth roughly $20 million, and a few years back he married everyone’s favorite spice girl. I mean, come on, Baby Spice was cute for a while and Posh Spice was kinda hot before she got Beckham’d, but we all preferred the ginger bombshell that was Gerri, right? She had the personality of the other four combined, and maybe that’s what attracted Horner to her in the first place.

After helping to build Red Bull’s “political standing within the sport”, as ESPN put it, Christian Horner put in the work in increasing his intimate standing with Halliwell. They met a few years back and Halliwell, after being convinced she wasn’t going to find true love when her mum got divorced, suddenly changed her mind when she bumped into Mr Horner. Telling a friend, “I’ve met the man I want to marry”, two years later she was walking down the aisle with said man in the spring of 2015. Looks like they both got what they wanted. What they really, really wanted.




This one was something of a whirlwind, with only four months separating Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch meeting and tying the knot. Of course, in true Murdoch style, it was announced in a newspaper, The Times, London. This relationship was the subject of a hell of a lot of gossips, due to the fact that Murdoch is literally one of the planet’s most wealthy men. He’s worth something like $19.5 billion dollars according to Forbes. He owns or has a major stake in pretty much everything you read and watch: The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Sky TV, News of the World, The Sun, and The Times. He’s been in the newspaper industry since the baby age of 22 and has grown to become of the world’s most influential political powers, famously influencing the 1997 UK General Election when his papers around the world switched allegiance to the Labour Party.

How many times has he been married then, I heard you ask? This is Murchoch’s fourth. It’s actress and model Hall’s first, even though she had been with singer Mick Jagger for a staggering 23 years. It turns out their “marriage” was not legally enforceable once they’d split, so we’re counting her hitching up with Murdoch as number one for Hall.

The Guardian reported that the pair met in Australia. They were introduced by Rupert Murdoch’s sister’s niece while actress Jerry Hall was promoting her latest film, The Graduate. Despite the 25-year age gap, apparently these two are very cute together, and it’s definitely not about Murchoch’s money and power, at all.



Wow, Nicky Hilton is a total millionaire heiress, and she’s somehow managed to find someone even more wealthy than her who barely had to raise a finger to become filthy rich. James Rothschild, or THE Rothschilds, is one of a large number of offspring from the world-renowned banking family. He’s worth over $400 billion if Celebrity Net Worth is to believed. Sounds about right.

To be fair to Mr. Rothschild, he does actually have a pretty expansive resume. Apparently, he’s founded a lot of impressive sounding financial companies with important sounding roles like managing partner, co-founder and advisor. We’re sure he did it all off his own bat and with no help from his illustrious family.

Hilton, herself obviously a descendant of self-made millionaire Conrad Hilton, who died in 1979, met Rothschild in 2011. They began dating soon after coming together at a friend’s wedding in Italy. Three years later they were back in Italy again where they got engaged on a boat. How perfect! Another year down the line and they were getting hitched in Kensington Palace.

They’ve now got two children and this appears to be a perfect relationship that’ll end happily ever after. We won’t mention Hilton’s previous marriage to businessman Todd Meister at a Vegas Wedding Chapel in 2004. It lasted three months and was annulled. Surprising, most Vegas weddings last forever, right?




Gorgeous Mexico-born Salma Hayek and super rich French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault were married in 2009. She’s a successful actress who has appeared in Desperado, Dogma and Wild Wild West, while he’s a billionaire who made his $27.8 billion through inheriting his father’s company Kering.

Kering is the luxury brands umbrella which owns Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney, and Alexander McQueen. So we can see why he may have a penny or two. Now he runs the show and apparently in one day alone he managed to increase his wealth by a whopping $1.7 billion. Probably just to show off.

Well, it worked for Hayek. They had a long engagement – we’ll ignore the brief separation – and were married on Valentine’s Day in 2009. How perfect! Their child is named Valentina, and she arrived before the marriage. Pinault has three other children from a previous marriage.

Hayek told Reebok how much in love the couple are, and stated not being treated like a typical trophy wife was the main reason she liked him. She stressed that she makes her own living and is financially independent, “but when I have troubles sometimes, it’s nice to have someone there to help.” So basically it’s nice that he treats her well, and it’s not the end of the world that he’s also super rich. We can understand that attitude.



Grimes, AKA Claire Elise Boucheris, a 30-year-old musician who is surprisingly dating 47-year-old billionaire and weed-smoker Elon Musk, a tech guru who is looking to jet into space one day. He’s worth around $23 billion if Forbes is anything to go by. He founded Tesla Motors and rocket company SpaceX, and famously once sent a car into space. For some reason. Tesla itself is worth over $20 billion on its own.

This couple got together via Twitter. How very 21st century! They both made a pun about some artificial intelligence thing, and that was that weeks later they were attending the Met Gala together on 7 May 2018, where they announced themselves as in a solid relationship.

Not long later though, in August 2018, they did the unthinkable: they unfollowed each other on Twitter. OMG. This sparked wild rumors of a breakup. Yet in October, The Daily Mail posted images of them enjoying each other’s company with Musk’s twins. That’s two of five children he has; quite the handful! So, it appears that for now, they’re still together. Panic over.