| Author: Joshua Swan

Strange persons from the Airports

An airport is a place where cultures mix. At airports you can see a lot of funny and strange people. We have collected some funny photos that completely reveal the unusualness of this place.

The next time you wait for your flight, look around. Who knows, maybe you are lucky enough to capture a couple of freaks on the camera of your smartphone.


1. Newspaper or blanket?

No difference. When there is no blanket at hand, newspapers will do. Sleep knows no bounds.



2. Sleep always and everywhere!

Traveling with children is always an unforgettable pleasure. After all, they can fall asleep at any time!



3. Karate classes

This person takes karate lessons right in the airport lounge. The only problem is that he is unlikely to remember this when he wakes up.



4. Bored daughters

It is dangerous to fall asleep when you have two little daughters who do not know what to do.



5. How to worship the ancient gods

The camera captures a person in a very unusual pose. Most likely, he sees a dream, in which he takes part in an ancient ritual.

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