| Author: Joshua Swan

6. How to strengthen the neck with creative recourses?

All that is required for this is a bag and a jacket rolled into a pillow.



7. Sleeping partisans

What if you fell asleep during a secret operation? Of course, put on a camouflage uniform!



8. Shameless girl

This young lady was so tired of waiting for her flight that she fell asleep right at the airport. And she did it in a very shameless pose! Men, close your eyes and pass by!



9. Human smuggling

Do you have enough money for a ticket? If not, participate in the human smuggling program! You will be put in a large bag and transported to your destination. We hope that the liver and kidneys will remain in place!



10. Flight ace

The pilot took a course before the flight, but, nevertheless, lost control and drove into the hangar.