| Author: Lindsey Brand

Don’t know what this guy was up to when he decided to take this photo. But why the candles? Is this really a prom proposal or he is expressing his extreme condolence on the fact that he’s going to attend the first and last prom night of his life.


People want look good when they put on the makeup, she intended to go the extra mile by doing the contrary. Well, makeup does express what you actually are. Her colleague might be aware of this situation beforehand. Moral of the picture: life is too short to be sensible.



What’s more awkward in a prom than to see the hottest girl at school accompanying a plank? Either the plank is smarter than any other guy around or she herself is a total plank. This girl is going to make a totally outlandish prom night of the year.



Either one of the girls is going to get killed by that green with envy guy behind these cute girls. Hope these girls are not wearing too high heels to run. Something bad is definitely going to happen on this day because certainly that guy has a deadly weapon hidden in the flower bouquet.



And those who look insane or notorious were actually dancing. This is the reason prom nights have got a negative reputation these days. What’s more the right time to make the totally unsightly poses than when the camera spots you?

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