| Author: Lindsey Brand

The awkward moment, when they all have a crush on a hot girl at school and they are impatient to see that lucky one who is to accompany her on the prom, than you see her with a guy who was the last to expect. However, this guy should have the power over himself to act, or at least pretend to be upright.



Seems they have already planned a long prudent life ahead of them. One of the most responsible couples at school that seems to depict their strategies all one picture. Or it was just a coincidence.



Well, he’s a real sneaky guy out there, apparently as innocent as a lamb. He just can’t take his eyes off the sneaky sights. Well, he must stop soon because the girl doesn’t seem to put up with this for long. Poor guy, he couldn’t have the slightest ideas he has been caught right in the act.



They can’t be competing with these glamorous girls, they can’t hold a candle to these beauties, still manage to get them. We think either others were more of the losers or these were the only guys in the school. I prefer the later is more likely to happen.



We agree there is too much too see on proms. People and things have all the shine, making the most of everything, but sadly, most of them get left unnoticed because of many other distractions, like we see in this picture. We believe you get what we mean.