| Author: Joshua Swan

1. Poodle

There can’t be any contest for the cutest dog puppy breed without a mention of the poodle. Even their name sounds cute. These dog pup breeds are famous for their hairy fur and small body. Poodle pups are among the cutest of dog breeds you will ever find, and the softest too. Get yourself a poodle pup and you’ll never run out of saying  ‘aww’ and ‘oh’.


2. Bernese Mountain Dog

This dog breeds grow from cute and cuddly to becoming even cuter when they’re grownups. They are perfect for cuddling if you ever need one. They grow really big with really large hair, but this dog breed is harmless.


3. Beagle

Do you remember Milo from The Mask? If you do, then you would understand why the Beagle pup had to make it to the list of the cutest dog pup breeds in the world. They’re small and cute creatures but are really smart, take milo for example. These dog pup breeds have very adorable eyes that will make it hard for you not to keep looking into them.


4. Alaskan Malamute

You take one look at the Alaskan Malamute and the next you’re saying to yourself “Am going to get one for me”. These dogs are a combination of cuteness and gorgeousness. And it might also interest you to know that even as cute and cuddly these dog breeds are, they are not really the friendliest when they’re fully grown. But notwithstanding, their lovely nature cannot be disputed.


5. Maltese Shi Tzu

This dog pups are like little babies and would stare at you till you lose all focus and try to please them. They are so cute and fluffy they are like stuffed animals. They are your favorite cuddle buddies and are very friendly and very playful. Believe me or not, you cannot resist these little pups even if you tried to.


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