| Author: Joshua Swan

6. St. Bernard

If you see a full grown St. Bernard you might probably get scared and intimidated by their size and bold nature. They are mostly found in the mountain regions and are used to locate lost persons in the mountain. But as huge as they get when they’re fully grown, the site of a St. Bernard pup is probably the most adorable thing you’ll ever see. And to crown it all, they are completely harmless, which means you can play with them all day long and not get tired of their cuteness.


7. Samayod

If you ever dream of having a pup that looks like a polar bear cub but even cuter, the Samayod is what you need. Found mostly in Siberia, the snowy Russian areas, this dog breed is so cute, so beautiful and so adorable is like they came directly from a winter fairy tale to impress us. They have a large white and fluffy hair and are one of the kindest creatures on earth. Get a Samayod pup for your kids and have them thank you every single day for giving them happiness.


8. Dalmatians

After watching the famous Disney cartoon 101 Dalmatians, it is clearly undisputable why the Dalmatians had to make it to the number 8th spot on our list of top Cutest Puppies in the World. Famous for their black and white spots, these dogs were the desire of every kid after seeing the cartoon. Their pups are so adorable, pictures of them are used in children books.


9. Pug

Pugs are adorably small with a short snout and bulgy eyes. No matter how much they grow, they are always so adorable to look at and cuddly to hold. If you are a dog person, one look at a pug will make you fall in love with them. Pugs are generally accepted by everyone even people who are not into toy dogs. Making her among the cutest puppies in the world.


10. Corgi

The corgi is known for their short, comical legs. They are a small breed and are extremely cute for their super soft coat you just can’t stop rubbing if you hold them. This is why they are referred to as the dogs of the English Royal Family. Their small body makes them to look like they never age and are always cuddly and lovable to be with. Making her among the cutest puppies in the world.