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6. Take a picture of the receipt and get a cashback of $ 10

If you visit Ibotta stores, you can earn $ 10 just by taking photos of your receipts. Install the Ibotta app on your smartphone and make any purchases. After you come home, take a picture of the receipt from the store with your smartphone`s camera and send it through the app. That`s all you need to do to get your 10 dollars back!



7. 36 dollars a year from Amazon

In order to use the bonus, install the ShopTracker application and synchronize it with your Amazon account. You will immediately get a $ 3 gift card. If you are an active Amazon customer, you will receive free gift cards every month. Using or accumulating these vouchers, you can save up to $ 36 a year (for every Amazon account you administrate).



8. Free chocolate

To be able to enjoy free Godiva chocolates, register with the Godiva incentive program. After that, you can immediately pick up your sweets in any affiliate store. Moreover, the program provides free sweet gifts for birthdays and other holidays!



9. $ 5 for those in action

If you are playing the stock market, you can effectively invest your small change by means of the Acorns system.

Create an account, enter the required data, and the system will automatically invest your money in the most promising project available. As an introductory bonus, you will also receive $ 5. A penny saved is a penny gained!



10. Free products for newborns

If you are expecting a baby, you can save a lot by using the Target registry offer. Register your future offspring, and you can get the most necessary goods, such as diapers, baby food and other products for newborns.  Target is a good help for good parents. Visit their official site for further instructions.