| Author: Lindsey Brand

Although some of the celebrities try to hide the truth of their age by tweaking their photos with Photoshop, plastic surgery and makeup, there is ultimately no tweaking their birth certificate.



The character they have grown to love for his childish antics and demeanour is a full grown man with 43 years gone, and plenty years still left in the acting world. It might seem like unfair luck that a 43 year old keeps a fresh, youthful and funny face. In real life, being a scientist may actually leave you bald and miserable about life before you even hit the age of 30.

Since we have opened Pandora’s Box and spilled the secrets of Sheldon Cooper, we might as well go on to Kaley Cuoco (Penny). Brace yourself, you may not like it. Forget all the other sources; they are in on the conspiracy, too.




Even at the age of 50, Sandra still embodies that elegance that is so sought after. She is definitely a role model to look up to for younger Hollywood stars that crash and burn in the showbiz world as soon as they escape their teenage years. Sandra Bullock being a patron of plastic surgery is still a subject under heavy contemplation, but something is definitely going on there. Although superb genes might still be all she has to thank.

Sandra Bullock is definitely a woman that makes one immediately forget about retirements and old age. She is the kind of woman you meet at soccer practice and begin talking to about your children, and then eventually date.




The cutie we all love as the hobbit is one of the best at concealing his real age, and we definitely think he might be using the ring for his own personal gains. Even though the movie showed us the ring being destroyed in Mount Doom with its hot, bubbly lava, you can’t blame us for thinking something else is at play here.

Elijah is a perfect image of an antique doll, put up in a case that says ‘do not touch’. Most likely, he will end up as a prized antique one day. It is sad that the other hobbits do not seem to be catching on.




Other great movies from Leto caught the attention of fans and critics. His role as the Joker in ‘Suicide Squad’ put him in a bit of controversy, but definitely did nothing to halt his career.

A lot of people are ignorant of the fact that Leto is also lead singer of the rock band 30 Seconds to Mars. You might remember hit songs like ‘Kings and Queens’ and ‘this is War’, but you might not realize that those energetic lyrics and sounds came from a 44 year old actor/musician.




He gained fame from his role in the movie ‘Maze Runner’, and Thomas is still dwelling in his parents’ basement, playing with his toys.

We’re just joking! Thomas was born in 1990, and is the prototype of the newer generation of actors taking Hollywood by storm, with his unorthodox take on attractiveness. Funny fact, Thomas is actually the voice behind the character of Ferb from the cartoon ‘Phineas and Ferb’.

Hold up, you don’t watch cartoons? Well then, you must be quite an old person, and this article has stabbed you in your failing, dying heart.