| Author: Lindsey Brand

With so many fakeries being revealed in the news, it’s common for people to be skeptical when it comes to any celebrity news. Alongside this, conspiracy theories are on the rise and they almost always center around celebrities that we know and love – or love to hate. But some of them range from ridiculous to absolutely absurd; celebrities who have faked their death, celebrities who have faked the birth of their children etc. But what evidence do people provide to back this up? Keep reading to find out!


Justin Bieber has been in trouble with the law on a few occasions for varying different crimes – but one one courtroom date in Miami, a court reporter found something they didn’t expect. On the footage, it revealed Bieber’s eyes transforming from human eyes into reptilian eyes. David Icke, a popular conspiracy theorist says that this is quite possibly so as there are many reptilian humanoids across the globe. He states that they can shape shift and are planting themselves in communities so that they can take over the human race. Other celebrities that people believe to be reptilian are Mitt Romney and Dick Cheney.




Beyonce is at the center of many a conspiracy theory. However, the main is that Beyonce was never actually pregnant and was using a surrogate. During a live television interview, the ‘baby bump’ seemed to fold in half as she sat down. It was clear that it wasn’t the fabric of her dress so set many people off believing that she was faking the pregnancy. The Queen of Pop didn’t help herself as she ensured that there was increased security during her labor – so much so that she had the entire ward to herself. Or possibly, her surrogate.



Lorde has been on the scene since 2013 and due to her mature way of speaking and acting, it rose the idea that she wasn’t actually a teenager as she was portraying herself to be. People believed that she wasn’t that age at all and was closer to mid 40’s. Lorde (who is actually called Ella Marija Lani Yelich-Connor) responded by posting her birth certificate online to show that she was in fact born in 1996. But it didn’t convince everyone.




Similar to Beyonce, the Cruise family are constantly talked about regarding conspiracy theories. These range from the fact that she isn’t a Cruise at all and her parents aren’t Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes to the idea that she is a reincarnation of L.Ron Hubbard. However, a new one that has crept out of the woodwork with some evidence is that she is indeed an alien from another planet. So what is the evidence? She was born with a full head of hair and is the daughter of a renowned Scientologist. Hmm…




One Direction took the world – specifically the teenage world – by storm and unveiled an intense circle of fans. However, the worst thing that one of these boys could do is get a girl pregnant. When Louis Tomlinson fathered a child with model Briana Jungwirth, many people believed that the baby ( named Freddie ) was actually a publicity stunt and that there was no baby at all. This was because many people claimed that the photos posted on Tomlinson’s social media were photoshopped and stolen from Youtube bloggers. However, this has been disproved as the couple ended up fighting for custody which proved to be very expensive – quite a leap to take for a publicity stunt!


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